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AVIS and American International Club of Rome

Avis & AICR
Thanks to a partnership between AVIS and American International Club of Rome, all AICR Members and Friends of the Club only can receive fantastic and tailor made special offers and discounts.

Additionally, during the year you will receive special offers through the AICR Newsletters!

Book now and for all rentals collected in Italy AVIS offers up to 10% off!

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Avis Preferred Be Avis Preferred
For AICR members and friends, the convenience is double: you can join the program, enjoy all the benefits and you can add In the profile the AICR discount code. Join the program now and send an email to marketing@avis-autonoleggio.it with your name and customer number and Avis will set up your AICR discount code (W465200) in your profile.
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To make a reservation you can book:

  • Directly from this webpage
  • Online www.avisautonoleggio.it and use your AWD (Avis Worldwide discount) W465200
  • Call 199 100 133 and use your AWD W465200. Number subject to specific rates. For calls outside Italy +39 452108391.
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